Roanoke Dental Care is helping you get the dental services you need at an affordable price by providing our Absolute Dental Plan at Roanoke Dental Care. With this plan, you can receive discounts on your dental care in Roanoke, Virginia. Some benefits of the Absolute Dental Plan include the following:

  • Immediate activation with no waiting period
  • Low annual membership fee
  • No claim forms
  • No annual maximums
  • Cosmetic services included
  • No pre-existing condition exclusions
  • Specialty services included (if provided at the office)

Some of the dental services you can receive at a discounted price with the Absolute Dental Plan include:

  • Preventive care such as cleanings, X-rays, and exams
  • Restorative care such as fillings, basic restorations, and extractions
  • Major dental care such as crowns, root canals, bridges, and dentures
  • Orthodontic care such as braces and other straightening appliances

Even if you need a treatment or procedure not listed on our service summary, we will still take 25% off of the fee if you are a member of the Absolute Dental Plan. This insurance alternative helps you get the oral health care you need, and all applicants are accepted. Some other information you may want to know about the Absolute Dental Plan includes the following:

  • Dental care providers are able to offer discounts to plan members.
  • The Absolute Dental Plan does not make direct payments to dental care providers.
  • Members of the Absolute Dental Plan are still required to pay service fees, but they will receive a discount on their care.
  • This dental plan is not a dental insurance policy.
  • Members of the Absolute Dental Plan have 30 days to cancel their plan if they have not already used discounts.

Contact Roanoke Dental Care today if you want to learn more about the benefits of our Absolute Dental Plan.

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