Do You Have a Tooth Which Requires Extraction?

When a tooth is removed or extraction from the socket in the jaw bone that holds it, this is known as a tooth extraction. Our dentists, Dr. David Jones and Dr. Priyanka Dutt, may decide to extract a damaged tooth if it cannot be restored with a dental filling or... Read more »

Is a Dental Crown Restoration Causing You Pain?

Dental crowns are a reliable tooth restoration option that can restore a damaged tooth as well as your smile. If you are experiencing pain from a tooth with a dental crown, you will likely need to come in and have one of our dentists, Dr. David Jones or Dr. Priyanka... Read more »

How Do Teeth Attract Stains and Discoloration?

Teeth whitening is one of the cosmetic treatment options our Roanoke Dental Care team offers for patients seeking whiter, brighter smiles. Dr. David Jones and Dr. Priyanka Dutt have been helping patients in Roanoke, Virginia, and the neighboring communities of Salem, Hollins, and Daleville, Virginia restore their smile's vibrancy. Do you ever... Read more »

What You Can Expect from the Invisalign® Smile System

At Roanoke Dental Care, our dentists, Dr. David Jones and Dr. Priyanka Dutt, offer Invisalign® treatment for our patients who want their smiles aligned in Roanoke, Virginia. This cosmetic dentistry specialty is a smile alignment system wearing clear custom retainers, or aligners, which are changed out regularly to gradually shift... Read more »

A Full Mouth Reconstruction Helps Your Body and Your Smile

One of the amazing things about technology is that we can reconstruct your smile to give you the confidence you have always wanted. In fact, Dr. David Jones and Dr. Priyanka Dutt are pleased to over full mouth reconstruction for our clients in Roanoke, Virginia, who are seeking change and a... Read more »

Our Dental Bridges Are Designed to Give You the Smile You Desire

Dr. David Jones and Dr. Priyanka Dutt have been helping patients in Roanoke, Virginia renew their smiles with the help of dental bridges to replace missing teeth. This is important because missing teeth not only affect your smile confidence, but they may allow your remaining teeth to shift around and... Read more »

Why You Might Benefit from a Dental Crown

At Roanoke Dental, Dr. Priyanka Dutt and Dr. David Jones have helped many patients in the Roanoke, Virginia area bring back their confident smile with the help of dental crowns or 'caps'. Let’s take a look at some of the following reasons why your smile might benefit from a dental crown restoration.... Read more »

Follow These Tips to Care for Your Dentures

Our dentists, Dr. Priyanka Dutt and Dr. David Jones may recommend removable dentures for your smile to replace missing teeth. At Roanoke Dental, we offer custom-crafted complete dentures and partial dentures restore your smile health, function, and beauty. Complete dentures use a skin-toned acrylic base which fits over your gums... Read more »

Do You Have a Tooth Which Needs Extracting?

At Roanoke Dental, Dr. David Jones and Dr. Priyanka Dutt offer tooth extraction services for our patients and their families in Roanoke, Virginia, and the surrounding communities. Why are tooth extractions necessary? Sometimes an ailing tooth cannot be restored with a root canal treatment, whether because of severe decay or injury.... Read more »

Oral Accidents and What You Can Do

Even though dental accidents can occur without warning, day or night, it helps to know in advance what you can do and whether it will require a trip to your dentist or the emergency room. The difference lies mainly in whether the emergency requires immediate attention or if it can... Read more »