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When a tooth is removed or extraction from the socket in the jaw bone that holds it, this is known as a tooth extraction. Our dentists, Dr. David Jones and Dr. Priyanka Dutt, may decide to extract a damaged tooth if it cannot be restored with a dental filling or dental crown restoration. They may also need to extract a tooth which is too loose to stay in place.

At Roanoke Dental Care in Roanoke, Virginia, there are two types of tooth extraction procedures. A simple extraction, and a surgical extraction. If you have a tooth which can be done by a simple extraction, our dentists simply loosen the tooth with an elevator (a dental instrument) and then removes it using dental forceps.

If your tooth requires a surgical extraction, our dentists will make a small incision into the gums to remove the tooth. Once a tooth is extracted, a dental restoration may be done to fill in the gap of the missing teeth.

What are some reasons to necessitate a tooth extraction?

— If you have baby teeth which never fell out and are blocking the permanent teeth from erupting. Similarly, if you have extra teeth that aren’t allowing other teeth to erupt properly.

— If you are about to wear orthodontia to correct a misaligned bite, teeth may need to be removed to allow the proper movement of the surrounding teeth.

— If you have third molars (wisdom teeth) that are decayed, are infected, or are causing you pain, or if they are impacted (stuck in the jaw bone).

There are other reasons for extracting a tooth as well, such as radiation treatment to the head and neck being blocked by teeth. If you are in need of a tooth extraction, be assured that our dentists can do so as comfortably as possible and provide restoration as needed. Your healthy smile is important to us!