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At Roanoke Dental, Dr. Priyanka Dutt and Dr. David Jones have helped many patients in the Roanoke, Virginia area bring back their confident smile with the help of dental crowns or ‘caps’. Let’s take a look at some of the following reasons why your smile might benefit from a dental crown restoration.

Have you had a root canal? If so, the tooth will be hollow and the rest of the tooth will be vulnerable to fracture. We use dental crowns to restore the tooth and strengthen it to its full form and function.

Do you have a large filling? If you have a dental filling that covers half of the width of a tooth, it is vulnerable to fracturing because it is weakened. If you currently have a large filling and it is showing signs of stress, a dental crown can strengthen and support the tooth.

Do you have a broken cusp on a tooth? A cusp on a tooth can break off because of injury or even from a large filling that weakened the tooth’s structure. Since you do most of your chewing with your cusps they are susceptible to fracture and breakage.

Do you have unsightly teeth? Dental crowns can help! Whether a tooth or teeth are misshapen, discolored, or gapped, dental crowns are an attractive solution.

Do you have cracked tooth syndrome? If you have a fracture within a tooth that hurts when you chew or bite down a certain way, you may be experiencing cracked tooth syndrome. As you chew, stress is exerted on the fracture lines which causes pain. Placing a dental crown on the tooth will hold it together so that when you chew the stress is spread out evenly on the tooth.

Do you grind your teeth or have you been told you have bruxism? Constant wear and tear on your pearly whites due to bruxism will eventually shorten your teeth. Covering damaged teeth with dental crowns can restore their form and function.

Would you like to know more about how to restore your smile with the help of dental crowns? We invite you to call our team in Roanoke, Virginia at 540-685-0105 today. Dr. Priyanka Dutt and Dr. David Jones work hard to give you the smile of your dreams!