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Everyone dreams of having a flawless smile, yet not everyone understands the ways to achieve that. With so many different ways to whiten your smile, we understand how easy it is to feel confused about the products to use. That is why our team here at Roanoke Dental Care wants to give you the insight and information you need to achieve your dream smile.

There are many types of teeth whitening treatments on the market. From lasers to bleaching agents to take-home products, there are many different ways you can brighten your smile. When you visit with our dentist, they can help you find the treatment plan that is right for your goals and your lifestyle. In-office whitening systems typically involve a bleaching agent that is directly applied to teeth and then treated with a light or laser. In-office treatments can dramatically whiten your smile in a 30 or 60-minute session. Your dentist may provide you with a take-home whitening system with instructions. There are also many over-the-counter options including whitening toothpastes and mouth rinses. These products have varying levels of effectiveness depending on the product and your unique smile.

If you still have questions about how to whiten your smile, please call us today at 540-685-0105 and schedule an appointment. Let us give you the perfect smile you always wanted. We are always happy to address any questions or concerns you have pertaining to your unique smile.